Top 3 Refrigerator Reviews

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 in House

The refrigerator is the most important appliance in the kitchen. Over the years, the technologies used in the refrigerator industry have evolved greatly. Nowadays, modern refrigerators are a mixture between pantries and freezers. Furthermore, the most efficient refrigerators are also very expensive. Nevertheless, you can also find reasonably priced refrigerators which deliver a great performance. If you are looking for such an appliance, you will find the following refrigerator reviews to be very helpful.

According to professional tests and countless refrigerator reviews, Maytag M1TXEGMYW offers one of the best price-quality ratio. It can be acquired for only $719 and it includes numerous efficiency features. It consumes little energy, it has stable temperature and very well designed adjustable shelves. It also features a convenient ice maker. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the most durable refrigerators on the market. Some argue that this refrigerator lacks fancy features such as digital controls. However, such features usually increase the cost of an appliance and don’t bring many benefits. On the other hand, this Maytag refrigerator has spill glass shelves, humidity controlled crispers, adjustable door bins and much more. It is a great purchase and it really pays for itself as it has great energy saving technologies.

Whirlpool Gold GB2FHDXWQ
This Whirlpool model is considered to be the best bottom freezer refrigerator. It keeps food fresh for long periods of time by maintaining an even temperature. The space is greatly distributed and it has many adjustable elements such as shelves and door bins. Its compact shape makes it ideal for small kitchens. Although its price is a little spicy, this refrigerator is a great purchase as it delivers a great performance and it is very efficient, from an energy consumption point of view. At $1,432.79, this refrigerator manages to consume less energy than the best rated freezer.

If top or bottom freezer refrigerators are too old fashioned for your taste, you might want to check out some french door refrigerator reviews. However, we can save you some time and tell you from the start that this LG model is the best rated french door fridge. It is one of the largest home use refrigerators on the market and it is also extremely quiet. The touch pad controls, the external water and ice dispenser and the split shelves are just a few of the many luxury features that this refrigerator comes with. It is an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. Its $2,249.00 price tag might scare you at first, but if you value performance and durability, this fridge is just what you need.

At the moment, according to the customer reviews, these are the best value refrigerator models on the market. However, if none of them suits your needs, you can discover more reviews on reviews websites. This reviews featured on this website can help you determine whether a particular model will satisfy your individual food storing needs.