How to Make a Zen Garden

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 in Garden

Throughout time, more and more of us find it difficult to create a sanctuary where they can easily spend most of their free time. Not only is the right time hard to find, but it is also hard to find the specific objects to meet the outcome expected. Either way, we have gone through the hard part for you and managed to get you some great ideas on how to make a Zen garden at your place! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to get a better understanding, as well as being able to follow the steps – you may be on the verge to make the change of your life!

Before you start shopping for construction materials and home and garden furniture, you need to have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of this design style. The first thing to be taken into account when thinking at the entire process of how to make a Zen garden consists in deciding whether or not you will use less or more space for it. It is utterly important to be decided, since from this moment on you will turn your garden into a sanctuary – the best one there could be. Now, make sure you choose some of the forms you are looking for, the ones that fit perfectly the niche – to be Zen. On the sides, fill them with sand and pour it everywhere. By this way, you get the genuine Thailand Zen aspect we all crave for when looking for relaxation. Believe it or not, from now on, every single time you will throw an eye on your garden you will feel relax. What else could you ask for?

The home and garden furniture inspired by the Zen style is usually very simple, almost minimalist. Use an abundance of light colored wood and marble, or a combination between the two.  Maintain the straight lines and keep your colors to a minimum.

As far as the practical elements of building a garden go, things are very simple. Make a sketch of your dream garden and decide what elements you will use. Try to use geometrical shapes since they are relaxing and easier to design. Calculate the square footage of each part of your garden which features different elements. For example, if you want to dedicate a part of your yard to a Japanese garden, you will have to determine the area of that place in order to know how much gravel to buy.  All you have to do is insert the measurements of your garden into the online calculator and you will have your results in a matter of seconds.

You can always use the stones from your garden to say they are Zen figures, from head to toe. In addition, as we were talking about sand, place it all the way around them. You will create, by this way, kind of an island where the energy is stored in a beautiful yet powerful way to offer you that relaxation you may crave for, as well as everybody. On the other hand, using some of the green grass parts would make it look perfectly on your garden! All you need is a little bit of time and dedication to make it all last longer than expected. Such a beauty will definitely turn your days into some priceless ones, so it is up to you how much time you spend in your garden – we would say… a lot, such as into a second home!