Feng Shui Tips

Posted on Jan 14, 2014 in House

Feng shui is a Chinese art that claims to use the laws of Heaven and Earth to help people improve their lifestyle and, more precisely their homes. This method of arranging and decorating a home has been used for a long time in the Western world as well, and there are still numerous people who utilize it as guideline for such purposes. This is why we have decided to write an article dedicated to bringing you some very useful and ingenious feng shui tips for your home.

Since the precepts of feng shui indicate that you must live a balanced, aired and healthy life, one of the first feng shui tips you must apply is to clear your home of clutter and any objects and things that are broken or that you simply don’t like. It is important to have an atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and where you can clear your head and think straight. There can only be order inside your mind if there is order on the outside, because your home is a reflection of you. Another one of the basic feng shui tips is to allow a lot of natural lighting in the house, so do everything you can to improve this aspect. If your windows aren’t enough, opt for light-colored furniture and objects because they will liven up the atmosphere and make everything seem more pleasant.

Among other feng shui tips we’ve looked into, it seems that sharp angles and corners carry negative energies; so if you’re really serious about having a feng shui home, then avoid purchasing sharp-edged furniture, or position it so that no corners are pointed directly towards you. This could also be considered a common-sense arrangement, because you want to reduce the chances of hitting yourself in such corners. This is where our feng shui tips might start to seem odd to some of you, but on a second thought you will see that all this lifestyle philosophy is trying to achieve is to remove any mind-numbing problems from your life and help you get resolve.

So if you are ready and open-minded, know that feng shui says you must make sure all the house’s drains function properly, so that the negative energies can freely flow out of the house. Avoid painting the exterior of your house in more than three colors and try – if it’s not too much trouble – to remove televisions or computers from the bedroom, so you don’t get mixed energies during sleep. These and many more feng shui tips allow you to live relaxed and with a positive outlook on life, so you can safely try them.