English Garden

Posted on Mar 19, 2016 in House

English homes & gardens have a special charm which even the best landscape companies can have a hard time replicating outside of England. The traditional English garden is known world wide for its picturesque view. It could give you garden the most beautiful aspects, as it combines colors with many different design tips including different style garden materials and accessories. This English landscape design makes of your garden a peaceful place for an enjoyable outdoor living.


Centuries ago, the most beautiful gardens in England belonged to the monasteries. They were dedicated to fish ponds, grape arbors, kitchen gardens for vegetables and fruits, herb gardens for medicinal purposes and flowers for the altar. Nowadays, this English landscape is offering a unique and sophisticated view with its symmetrical formal planting of low box hedges and high hedges, gravel walkways and statues and garden benches. Usually, the garden near the house is green and sometimes it has a few different color rose bushes.

If you want to bring more beauty to your outdoor space as well as to your home, then choosing an English landscape design for your garden should be the best choice for creating an elegant and unique garden.

First thing you should know is that picking the right materials to build the walkways represent the key of having a gorgeous English garden. Among the materials you should consider while designing your dream garden, you can choose the ones you like most and give your garden the look you always wanted to have. Some materials can be bought with less cost and can give a simplistic view to your garden and among them we can mention the natural materials like gravel or stones. If you want to spend more money and have more luxurious walkways, then the alternative is to buy some stylish bricks or stone pavers. Moreover, in order to give you outdoor design a more elegant and sophisticated view, you can choose to combine brick, gravel and stone material for obtaining a garden you and your guests will not want to take their eyes off.

Another thing you should know is that for designing an English garden is very important to avoid formal angles, so you will have to find ways of creating soft lines and curving designs.

Regarding the plants you should have in your garden, you can pick all kinds of flowers that create a real rainbow of vibrant colors for your garden, from the traditional rose bushes to violas and petunias and other fragrant and fresh flowers. When it comes about garden accessories, you can pick whatever you think it will arrange your garden best starting from romantic benches, wooden garden furniture and ending with some rustic fences.

When it comes to English homes & gardens, the choices are endless and they usually depend on the theme and atmosphere you want your unique garden to have.