Design Homes

Posted on Sep 20, 2014 in House

Whether you live in a bad neighborhood or are simply interested in making your home safer and resistant to trespassers, there are some steps you must take. What you do to protect your home and family mainly depends on the type of house or apartment you live in. Those who design homes mustn’t only be interested in functionality and appearance, but in safety and defensibility as well.

Before starting to randomly buy door locks and iron bars for the windows, find out exactly what types of crime occur mostly in your neighborhood. Walk around the exterior of the house during the day and at nightfall, writing down in a notebook all the information gathered. Pay careful attention to the house’s exterior and architectural details that could help intruders mask their presence. Note damaged areas or other easy-access places and inspect the doors and windows for cracks and strength. Examine exterior lighting to make sure none are damaged or broken.

In order to design homes that are safe from intruders or calamities, you must get well organized and make some plans. Draw each exterior wall of the house on separate sheets of paper and complete each with two columns that will represent security deficits and their respective possible solutions. After you’ve done all this, make another list starting with safety priorities and ending with less pressing issues. If you have basement windows, make sure none are broken and fit them with steel bars. Discuss with a professional what the best solutions are for you and your home. Hiring a construction company to reinforce your home is a good idea, and it can also become an opportunity to fix various issues your house might have. You can always find a good builder, a company which can put professionals at your disposal. These professionals will help you find all the issues with your home, both in regards to safety and to what other structure issues may exist. So don’t hesitate to search for a builder and do all that you can to protect your property and family.

Make sure your front door is either solid wood or reinforced steel if you think it’s necessary. Light is a good ally when fighting crime. Those who design homes for defensibility should know that the exterior of the house needs to be properly lit on all sides, because dark spots are the perfect opportunity for a thief to try and break in.

If you’re building your home from scratch, there are many more opportunities for foresight and precautions. Firstly, higher ground is always a good spot for house building, as it offers vantage points from all directions. Motion alarm sensors and other security systems are provided by your local security center, so take a trip down there and see what they can do for you. If you can’t find one, discuss with your insurance company and they will probably provide some recommendations. Designing homes that are safe from trespassers or accidents is not an easy task, but there are plenty of solutions to choose from if you do a little research. Search on-line vacuum cleaner reviews for ideal choices.