Country Decorating

Posted on Apr 21, 2016 in House

   Decorating your country home and garden requires some different rules than a town apartment or house. People who buy country houses look to distance themselves from the city’s crowded and hurried living style and return to a more natural, calm way of habitation. Country decorating can be done with a few simple steps and rules, as the most important aspect of living in the country-side is the supremacy of nature over man-made spaces. Country decor is very similar to rustic decor therefore you can find a lot of inspiration in diy country home decor ideas. Since the number one rule is not to have any disrupting elements between nature and your home, earthy, toned-down colors are the best choices in matters of design. You should avoid dramatic, strident colors like lime green or strong pink. White inside walls and tan furniture spiced with orange and brown throw pillows and curtains make for a homely, warm atmosphere. Flowers, both inside and on the porch and garden should not miss from any country home decorating ideas.

The furniture for country decorating should be rustic and welcoming. Use natural, wooden colors, or even wood-carved furniture to enhance your home’s agrestic feel.  Antique shops or flea markets are the best sources of furniture and decorations for a country home. Modernist, asymmetrical furniture in bright colors would not suit a house built in the country, so you should avoid them. If you are keen on rich, strong colors, use autumn-inspired tones, like maroon and gold. Furthermore, check out some rustic diy home decor and learn how you can make your own country furniture. You can use pallets or thick wood logs as coffee tables or you can create various wooden decorations.

Using earth-toned color doesn’t mean that the house has to be boring and lifeless. Decorate the rooms and patio with potted flowers, shrubberies or even flowers from your own garden. If you even have a vegetable garden, display your produce in bowls on the kitchen table or counter. The garden itself is a very important element in your country home. Give it a homely look by adding a simple white picket fence, or organize it with big, shapeless rocks for an even more natural look. Add details like a vintage bird bath or wooden bench. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, build yourself a small, natural-looking headspring embellished with rocks and green, leafy plants and moss. For larger gardens, a small gazebo would be a nice addition. Put some wicker or raffia chairs and table and you have the perfect spot for outdoor breakfasts or afternoon tea.

Wall décor should keep the home’s theme; landscapes and family portraits are inviting and personal. Moreover, country home decorating ideas can be very cheap to implement. You can even hang needlework pieces with homely messages or designs; wooden sculptures or figurines can look nice on the mantelpiece or library. Country decorating can be a lot of fun if you organize yourself a bit and choose a theme before you start purchasing furniture and others.