Best Indoor Plants

Posted on Nov 13, 2014 in House

   Living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean you’re away from nature and fresh air. Balconies, windowsills and living rooms can be improved aesthetically with indoor plants and flowers. Not only are they beautiful, but they will improve the air quality considerably. Indoor gardening can be as much fun as outdoor gardening. You can play with colors, sizes and numerous types of plants, hanging them on the walls or simply arranging them on shelves and on the floor. This article aims to help you find the best indoor plants and how you can maximize their potential and transform your home in a veritable greenhouse.


One of the best indoor plants is the cactus; this is an unpretentious plant that doesn’t require much attention and water. Choose a combination of various types of cacti and arrange them on a shelf where they can also get some sunlight. Cacti come in various shapes and sizes, and some of them even flower, which makes them a perfect decorating tool. Another thing you can do to save time is to move your annual flowers indoors when autumn comes, because they can’t stay in the cold anyways.

Green is a great color, and the Chamaedorea Palm, the Chinese Evergreen or the Braided Ficus Tree are some of the best indoor plants anyone can grow. These are rather large plants and they need to be planted in bigger pots, but they are very rewarding visually. If you have the time and the passion for growing, a bonsai tree is not only a great hobby, but also one of the most interesting and exotic plants one can grow indoors.

For those really concerned with improving the air quality in their homes, the best indoor plants they can grow are the English Ivy, the Spider plant, the Snake plant, the Peace lily or the Heartleaf philodendron. There are many more, but some of them may only be available in seed form. Speaking of seeds, you’ll have to decide whether you want to buy already potted plants or seeds.

If your time is scarce, it’s all right to buy potted plants, but they won’t be in such great variety as the seeds. Planting seeds will come cheaper, but you have to be a bit skilled and have some time to invest in the process. The best indoor plants are those that don’t require too much water and sun to survive and thrive, and you can find that with the Jade plant, which can live without water for up to a month. The Zebra plant is striking and vibrant, but you have to reserve it a spot on the windowsill with most light. The Lucky Bamboo is very popular nowadays and its spiraling branches make a beautiful addition to your indoor garden.