Asian Décor

Posted on Jan 16, 2016 in House

Realizing an Asian décor for the home has been popular in the Western world for many, many years now, but it is still very much in use because it is based on a few principles that some people are in sync with. For example, one of the main principles of Asian décor is that the house, the home, must be in perfect harmony with nature and with the surrounding landscape. Although in most Asian homes you will find an abundance of straight and simple lines – whereas they are rarely found in nature –, it is because they follow the idea that nature is simple and straightforward. In fact, most Asian homes, especially those of Japanese and Chinese origin, are designed so as to allow as much of nature as possible to enter the living space.

This is why you will see large, sliding entrances on most traditional Japanese homes. Built from wood, bamboo and other natural materials, the minimalist Asian homes open up to welcome nature in, so that when all entrances are pushed aside, you can see from room to room, all the way to the gardens outside. This is one of the most important aspects you must take into account if you want your home to have an authentic Asian décor and atmosphere. Another element we mentioned earlier is minimalism, and it too is essential for the Asian décor.

The whole point is to avoid any clutter, so that your spirit is free to ponder on important, essential thoughts. Order on the outside is sign that there is order on the inside, in the mind and heart. In fact, this is among the main principles of feng shui, the Chinese art of improving your lifestyle and home. So if you want an Asian décor home, you can also follow some of the guidelines proposed by feng shui.

Another aspect of Asian décor that you may have noticed in movies or on television is that furniture, such as beds or chairs are low to the ground. This reminded Asian people that they came from the Earth and that they drew energies from it, as from the Heavens. You too can opt for a floor-based bed, which is just as comfortable – if not more – as normal, Western beds. Other elements that you can add to your Asian décor are Buddha statuettes, Asian-inspired panels or silk screens, earth-toned colors, symmetry, but colorful and lively textures as well.